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2020 8th SAIC Design Challenge Top 100 Shortlist Announced

Breaking News!

The 2020 8th SAIC Design Challenge Top 100 shortlist is announced!

Although the pandemic of COVID-19 has been spreading throughout the world, we can still feel the enthusiasm from the passionate design students who have entered this years SAIC DESIGN CHALLENGE. Both the Chinese and European regions have fully engaged in this year’s event.

From the release of the design brief on January 31st to the deadline of June 10th, the SDC committee has received more than 600 design works globally, including over 450 submissions in the Chinese region.

As SAIC Design Advanced London studio gradually resumes normal operation from its remote working period, it has received over 150 entries from across Europe, reaching a new record high! The competition and its reputation builds year on year.

There are a lot of highlights in this year’s event with the largest generational range of participants joining the battle!

Representing the generation Z is our youngest participant at 17 year old who shows a clear passion for cars, while at 56, our eldest entrant shows that it is never too late to study design!

Vice President of Design, global design director, Mr. Shao Jingfeng, led the global senior design management team as the SAIC Design Expert Jury selected the top 100 finalists through several rounds of review and discussions.

We thank all of the students and universities who continue to support this prestigious annual initiative.

Here is the Top 100 shortlist of the 2020 8th SAIC Design Challenge:

China Region

Europe Region

On 20th June, the SDC committee will release the final shortlist of the TOP30 in China region and TOP3 in European region.

Good luck and we look forward to the next round internship for the fortunate finalists!

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