SAIC Design Challenge Final Stages: Internships Begin

Global synchronisation! The first global joint judging meeting of SDC European finals.

2020 8th SDC SAIC Design International Challenge

The world's two major regional finals simultaneously ignite war

14th July 2020 Four finalists in the European finals are formally admitted to London.

SAIC Design Europe Forward Design Center

Together with senior European designer mentors, a two-month work deepening internship has been launched. Both of the two regions have started final stage internships.

Four candidates from Europe region have joined  SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON to work with design tutors. Together they are going to finish the final work in 2 months time.

7th August 2020

After three weeks of work deepening internship, the European finals were ushered in for the first time via Global Jury Linked Cloud Video Conference.

Through three weeks of updates, candidates presented their works to the SDC Global Judge Committee for the first time through an online review conference.

Three students at the European Forward Design Center

A student has video access via cloud internship and far from the Shanghai SAIC Design Headquarters in China. The expert jury met for the first time. Three candidates in the studio and one candidate through video conference connected with the Judge Experts from the China side.

Four students connected via video and within the three-minute time limit, completed the first presentation of the progress of the entries through video conference. All the candidates finished their presentations within the three-minute limit.

I learned that the works of the Chinese contestants are excellent. The European region also tightened during the three-week internship.

The shortlisted works have shown great progress and improvement, having heard the works from China region are super fresh and exciting. Europe region has put a lot of energy

in the past three weeks to make massive improvements on the works.

The first global joint judging in Europe

Shao Jingfeng ,Vice President and Global Design Director of SAIC MOTOR Technical Center, was deeply attracted by the brains and thinking of the European works, and greatly appreciated the improvement of design optimisation.

Initial review meeting

Two major competitions in the world are being conducted independently. The finalists in the two regions still retain some mystery of each other's works.

One week later the global competition will usher in the first joint cloud review meeting.

Which division's work will be best? Stay tuned!

The 8th SDC SAIC Design International Challenge Final Message

Both of the two regions have finished the first review of the final stage. The candidates have a lot of curiousity for each other's works. They will have the first Global-joined Presentation

after one week.

Candidates from which region will show more competitive strength? We will see!

The serious challenge is coming!

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