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SAIC Design Challenge 2020 European Region Finalists

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We are delighted to announce the finalist’s projects from this year’s SAIC DESIGN CHALLENGE, the 8th consecutive year that our prestigious international design competition has been running.

This year has seen some significant challenges throughout the world, and the impacts have been felt across everyone’s lives. For those studying to become the Future Star of Automotive Design, the global situation is very challenging.

SAIC DESIGN has continued to support students through our competition, which this year focussed on emerging talents from top schools in China and Europe.

The European section of the competition saw entrees submitted from across the region, but due to the global pandemic most participants were studying in the UK.

Four finalists were selected to attend a summer internship at our studio in central London, which was able to reopen after implementing a COVID-safe environment for our team and interns.

Students this year have provided a vast array of projects and typologies centred around the MG brand. The ability to explore new and fresh thinking about the future of the brand was exhilarating for us all.

Project title: MG X-VISION

Name: Sharon Ramalingam

School: Royal College of Art, London, UK

The MG X Vision is based on the performance brand X Power of MG. The idea is to create a high performance record breaking vehicle that commemorates the rich history of MG in racing. In this type of vehicle, it not only about travelling from point A to B but it is all about experience, thrill and passion. So the X Vision is focused on the driver experience along with showcasing the strong identity of MG in a better way.

Taking inspiration from the vintage EX181, the car has a fluidic and bubble shaped body with a strong belt line flowing around the body, the headlights are simple, inspired from the air intake in the face of EX181 and the rear lamps are in the shape of “X”, commemorating the “X” in the X Power. It also uses matte black and green for the body colour which is a strong CMF identity for X power.

As it is all about experience, the door open up like a jewellery box and driver will be laying inside the car rather than sitting in a conventional seat. The seat is designed based on how the driver will be laying. The steering wheel is separated as three components which join together when the door closes giving a different experience.

Project title: MG HALO

Name: Dimitar Stanev

School: Coventry University, UK

The concept of an open-top sportscar has been extensively explored and experimented with ever since the automobile had been invented. The question here is “What would it look like, if we literally turned this layout upside down?”. With no floor, the seats suspended in the air, and the body of the car being so open, the aim is to provide an emotional and thrilling experience, much like a rollercoaster.

This unconventional layout is in stark contrast with the classic proportions of the exterior. The long bonnet and short rear of a typical 2 door sportscar are almost universally accepted as pretty and timeless. Such proportions could be seen in many MGs from the past, too. A key element are the strings, which serve to visually hold the whole structure together, including the seats, that flow seamlessly into the rear deck. In turn, a voluptuous glass canopy on top gives the car elegance, reminiscent of 1960s designs.

By combining an interesting idea in an internationally appealing package, the MG Halo aims to represent the MG design language, where new solutions and heritage meet to form unique and desirable transport.

Project title: MG ICHOR

Name: Junu Kim

School: Coventry University, UK

Design Positioning: In the future, the automotive industry will be divided as sharing mobility and private mobility. Customer who want to own private mobility will demand highly refined and unique design like a piece of art.

Design Objectives: Impressing people through time and space with beautiful masterpiece. Making a pure sculpture for MG brand. Occupants can enjoy private theatre in the car.

Design Origin: Rather in this sharing trend, desire to possess private space and masterpieces increase.

Design Ideas: Timeless design connect people in different era. So, I tried to express time flow in the pure sculpture.

Project title: MG TRAXI

Name: Yong Chang Lee

School: Coventry University, UK

Design positioning: In 2030, a fully autonomous vehicle for guarantee of the safety trip in India.

Design objective: For those who travel in India, are given the safety and enjoyment during travelling.

Design Origin: These days, China has the largest population in the world. But, in the near future, India will overtake it. This means that more people will be in danger on the road, not only for local people, but for travelers.

Design ideas: Using level 5 autonomous technology, it is possible to set the destination in advance and travel safely. Also, "TRAXI" is inspired by “Rickshaw which is common public transportation in India and modern India architectures.”

Keep following for news on the winner of the European region which will be announced shortly.

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