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Roewe RX5 Plus - Officially Unveiled

The new ROEWE RX5 Plus introduces the design philosophy of the ROEWE brand; ‘digitalized rhythm’ which has been used to enhance this hugely successful car. It shows the emergent trend of parametric design used across the fine detailing around the car.

A more simplified and modern new logo brings provides a more young and contemporary image.

Striking Front and Rear Lamps

ROEWE RX5 Plus is equipped with new Powerful Matrix Lamp technology, a first for the brand.

The horizontal blade extending across the nose of the car into the lamps creates a sharper and wider visual volume.

The segmented design of the position lamp brings an elegant and dynamic feeling, enhancing the feeling of parametric design and matrix technology.

The ‘quantum cruise’ tail lamp, which is a key feature in the rear design of the ROEWE RX5 Plus, has a checkerboard laser skin pattern to represent the exquisite craftsmanship for the overall vivid styling.

From the rear view, the D pillar elevates the whole rear aspect of the car and the wider shoulder makes the shape and line more stable for this urban SUV.

High-contrast, Dynamic Five-spoke Dark Grey Wheel

The new ROEWE RX5 Plus is equipped with new five-spoke dark grey wheel. The design is composed of dual spoke elements with different widths and visual weight. The axis is slightly twisted around the axis to express dynamics and high-energy design. The body color combination of Kirin Dark Grey and Glittering Yellow accents create a high-contrast youthful feeling.

SAIC ROEWE will implement a rejuvenation strategy starting with the RX5 Plus. This car is tailored toward an emerging youth full and vibrant with personality. With its five key attributes; Intelligent-Connected, Aesthetics, Comfort, Power and Health, it will become the new benchmark in the market segment.

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