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Roewe R Brand and Marvel R

On 7th May, the Design VP of SMTC and Global Design Director, Mr. Shao JingFeng, introduced the design philosophy of ROEWE R brand.

The R brand marks the start of SAIC’s new pure EV strategy, which is also targeted at the future key four business strategies - Intelligent, Electrified, Shared and Globalized. Since SAIC is developing future pure EV products, and the specific product attributes and design characteristics of pure EV differ from traditional fuel vehicles, it is necessary to establish an electrified sub-brand based on main ROEWE brand to differentiate the new EV product models from traditional fuel vehicles.

The R brand image is designed to reflect a clean, simplified and powerful brand message. It is a strong symbol, which is easily recognisable and gives confident connection to customers.

The design philosophy of the R brand logo was inspired by the ancient Chinese symbol for ’Human’, which reflects the humanity nature of the overall design of ROEWE pure EV vehicles.

In addition the R brand shape is abstracted from the running Huangpu River in Shanghai, the home of the ROEWE brand.

Director Shao JingFeng also introduced R brand’s first production car ‘Marvel R’, which is futurist and applies the new design language ‘Integrated Intelligence Design’.

High performance emotional pure EV

As a vehicle that can reach the speed of 100km/h in 4 seconds, the design also illustrates its high performance with Dynamic fastback styling and Lower roof. The smooth rear pillar and shoulder line carry the double peak based on wheel arches to enhance the feeling of power. Marvel R shows a modern and strong SUV proportion with rearward A pillar and long hood.

New front end layout

The lower ‘X’ shape break the balance of overall front end with more 3D treatment to bring a more dynamic feeling.

Parametric lower grille

The lower grille is composed of vertical bar with stamped detailing inspired from the images of vertical programming code. The new design improves the lower air intake assisting with the high aerodynamic performance, ultimately maximizing the potential range.

The Galaxy Rim

The full width light strip across the whole front end gives a passive expression, but one that is poised and focused on its mission. The attitude and performance can be felt lurking beneath it’s cool surface.

Integrated Matrix Front Lamp

The main lamp unit uses neo space age aesthetic with hi-tech rectangle modules producing a clean and futuristic impression to the integrated high beam and low beam functions.

Bow-style crossed trail lamp

Akin to the front expression the rear lamp stretches across the full width of the car to give a high tech, high speed, high fashion feeling.

The directional split bow design theme of lamp elements gives focus and a platform for the new R badge to sit.

Exterior body color theme - Wanaka Grey

The grey color is inspired from the icy aesthetics of Lake Wanaka, which is extremely pure and clear, carrying the message of new energy throughout the exterior of the car.

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