Roewe iMAX8

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

On July 24th 2020, SAIC Roewe brought many new cars to China's first offline auto show this year- the Chengdu Auto Show!

Shao Jingfeng ,Vice President and Global Design Director of SAIC MOTOR Technical Center, brought the first interpretation of the new Lion logo under the Roewe brand to the MPV iMAX8 and explained how SAIC Design has made every effort to lead the new trend of China domestic marketing in this new era.

The Roewe brand has never stopped exploration of future intelligent mobility. Roewe Vision-iM, the digital cabin concept MPV, was launched in the end of Guangzhou auto show.

Roewe iMAX8 is the production version of this concept, which represents the three design breakthrough elements of the Roewe brand: 1. Product Sequence 2. Design Methodology 3. Design Language.

Lepidoptera Fly-Wing Grille

From the hood down to the end, the floating grille creates a bigger and stronger apparent aura. The "Lepidoptera pattern" element inside the grille, which has been optimised from hundreds of iterations by computational methods, shows a sense of rhythm, subtlety and remarkable enchantment. The traditional classic cultural pattern is expressed via artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing. It shows the temperament of a calm king.

Light-wing Crossed Lamp

Simplified LED lights run through the front of the car, which gives a more integrated feeling. The dazzling light shape that outlines down on both sides of the light strip shows the high technology.

Tightened dual-direction waistline

The long and smooth lines on the side run through the entire body. The exaggerated folding surface highlights the tension of the waistline and brings strong dynamic feeling.

The rear end is rich in layers and more 3D. The penetrating trim is inserted into the Nebula Circulation taillight, which corresponds with the light-wing penetrating headlamp in the front end. It achieves design uniformity at a high level.

The iMAX8 establishes an exclusive flagship image for the Roewe Lion brand through the three breakthrough elements, which are product sequence, design methodology and design language.

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