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R RYZR - “Get Out & Ride”

R is new EV brand focussed on offering cutting edge technology and high-end experience to young fashion driven consumers.

Urban mobility is changing, commuters and urban explorers have been forced to consider more personal transport solutions in crowded and built-up environments around the world during the past 12 months.

This has resulted in a rediscovery of more exhilarating ways to move around with a surge in cycling, and private vehicle ownership.

The concept of shared mobility has also been challenged but remains an integral aspect of urban mobility.

With RYZR we asked ourselves how we could overcome these challenges whilst making a vehicle people would desire to use. RYZR offers a new solution, with its dramatic architecture, agile handling and adrenaline-charged open cockpit experience.

The RYZR concept explores how a user could connect and interact without the need for a key, or even making physical contact. The RYZR Smart-JKT is the key. It connects to the car simply through the motion of sitting in the seat, allowing control and giving the user access to an exclusive mobility club.

Blurring the boundaries between a bike and a car gave the designers an opportunity to explore an architecture that is truly unique. A central spine dominates the aesthetic of RYZR, with twin seats suspended over either side offering a view on the road that is unparalleled. The open wheeled configuration gives full visibility and spatial awareness crucial for a thrilling yet safe urban experience.

Combining the pure hands-on freedom achieved from open vehicles, such as push bikes with the stability, safety and presence of four wheels, RYZR is completely engaging.

The dynamic nature of the pivot ability at the front and rear arms, twinned with the hub less front wheel design allows RYZR to carve and lean through the streets giving the user a total thrill and connection to the surroundings.

The innovative centrally mounted steering control is configured to allow both riders the access to a truly shared experience. Drive-by-wire technology means that the controller is independent and transferable.

RYZRs design is intentionally technical, and smart. It captures the essence of urban exploration fashion design through it’s clean yet well controlled detailing and colour trim definition.

RYZR is a provocation on urban transport like no other, with a semi-open , tarmac carving ride, re-igniting the thrill of real world exploration.

Inspired by a sense of adventure RYZR commands you to GET OUT & RIDE!

These projects have been a true team collaboration and we've relished the opportunity to challenge and push ourselves to create some truly innovative concepts. We will be sharing more content from these projects and the studio, so please stay tuned to our social media channels this week for further news and releases.

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