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Power On! Third-generation MG 6 Design Story

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The third generation MG6 has been launched last month in China.

Shao Jingfeng ,Vice President and Global Design Director of SAIC MOTOR Technical Center, introduced the design story of the car in the global live broadcast and officially revealed the future design strategy of the MG brand: "young sports + digital trend".

The new MG 6 exterior focuses on creating the concept of "wide-body coupe + intelligent connection".

The new third-generation MG6 still maintains the proportions of a high-performance coupe. The lowered front end, the backward A-pillar, the smooth Y0 profile and the compact rear end show a powerful posture and strong coupe proportion.

Parametric Flaming Grille

The grille outline emphasises the inverted feature, which depresses the centre of gravity of the front face. The inner network is like a rush of digital information flow, which shows the young people’s heart in the era of intelligent connection.

Digital light track headlights

The darkened light body and lowered eyelids make the eyes of the third-generation MG 6 more fierce and strengthen the expression of a sense of battle. The graphic after it is lit is like the light track of the digital world. The segments are clear and the outline is strong.

European-style sports car rear end With the strengthening of safety regulations, the shape of the car is often heavy and dull. MG 6 emphasises the expression of light weight through rich surface treatment, showing the pure European sporty temperament.

Particle flow taillights

Two brake light groups and three position light strips intersect each other in a small space to build a three-dimensional and exquisite shape.

The interior design interprets the concept of new technological movement in the new era.

With a strong forward feeling atmosphere, the brand-new wide-body design activates people's driving desire.

The movement in the era of digital intelligence is a light shuttle expressing a decisive and pioneering new sports image in a sharp forward form.

The future of sports is not to control the complex and heavy machines, but to emphasise delicate and light inductive motion.

The independent floating large screen

Like the easily accessible holographic control interface in sci-fi movies, MG does not emphasise the low-key integrated hidden design, but strongly presents the sense of technology in front of the driver to satisfy the desire for control and focus on driving experience.

It is also equipped with a new one-piece sports seat with an integrated hollow design, Trophy wordmark electroplating inlaid decoration, and delicate stitching to get rid of the visual fatigue of traditional family car seats.

The third-generation MG 6 ultra-wide body, which leads the coupe trend, was designed and developed by the three-in-one SAIC Design global teams. They are SAIC Design Advanced Exploration Lab, MG exclusive design team and SAIC Design Advanced London.

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