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MG Cyberster Concept

What will a modern Roadster inspired by future technologies look like?

Can MG design a new Roadster for the modern era?

This two-door open-top pure electric ‘MG Cyberster Concept’ will soon be unveiled to answer these questions!

The concept will apply the most advanced connected 5G technology developed solely by SAIC and include level 3 autonomous driving technology.

With a smart cockpit, mobile connectivity, intelligent driving and emerging new technologies, it experiments with the advanced technologies coming to the 5G era.

With a futuristic design, it highlights the pioneering personality and trendy attitude of a new generation and the MG brand.

It’s the forerunner for the next generation of MG's intelligent driving products and helps to accelerate MG’s globalization ambition, creating a younger, more sporty new intelligent driving experience for young people all over the world.

The MG Cyberster reshapes the advanced driving experience across the virtual and physical world, pursuing the intelligent future and breakthrough MG imagination.

When the ‘Roadster’ meets ‘Cyberspace’.

Leading the path for the new era of pure electric sports cars.

The MG Cyberster Concept is co-designed and developed by SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON and SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED SHANGHAI.

More exciting details are coming soon!

Please follow our social media channels for more updates.


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