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London Studio Opening Ceremony

London Marylebone, UK

In September 2018 SAIC Motor opened its doors to their new Advanced Design studio in the creative capital. This ground-breaking creative space is one of the first automotive studios in the world to specialise in advanced digital design technology.

With London having such a rich history of art and culture the studio is in a prime location to inspire it’s designers, as well as attract the best talent from around the world.

“London is the world centre of art and culture, and the home of world-class design and world class design education,” commented Mr. Shao Jingfeng, Design VP of SAIC Motor Technical Centre and Global Design Director. “Our global vision is to have original design and attract the best talent – this is why we came to London.”

The London studio will focus on more advanced research projects, exploring innovative mobility solutions for both MG and Roewe brands as well as supporting the main SAIC Design studio in Shanghai, China.

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