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Roewe Vision I

Shanghai Auto Show

Roewe release the “world’s first 5G smart cockpit” – Roewe Vision-i concept car at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. Built for the 5G era, the Roewe Vision-i concept car combines the high passability SUV with the large space MPV, creating a new SPV category. SPV defined by Roewe: Smart Proactive Vehicle, meaning an intelligent and active interactive car.

At first glance, it is very conceptual: the shape of Roewe Vision-i uses a lot of “future” technology design techniques, the front face of the new car is not only staggered by multiple LED strips, but also adds illuminating decoration to the front grille.

The aerodynamic design and kits are very rich on Roewe Vision-i, such as the technical optical rim, which not only reduces the wind resistance, but also automatically lights up when a person or animal approaches the car. The rear end design has a simplicity and, in addition to the taillights, the Roewe LOGO and letters on the trunk lid can illuminate.

Roewe Vision-i concept car has multi-scene adaptability and emphasizes the emotional attributes of the vehicle. It adopts a flexible and varied seat layout form, which can realize the conversion of different scene modes. In order to bring the user an immersive interactive experience in the 5G era, The Vison-i has something called SKY VISION full cabin intelligent interactive system with full-chamber interaction capability, which can realize the content required by the user in a particular need case.

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