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7th SAIC Design Challenge 2019: Competition Complete

Shanghai and London

On November 1, the 7th "SAIC Design International Challenge" student final awards ceremony was held at the SAIC Design Centre in Shanghai. There was an onsite show of exquisite models of 15 winning works, showing the creativity and imagination of the top design elites’ home and abroad. The theme of this year's competition was “Intelligence Boundary 2030”. The contestants were free to explore a new type of travel expereince for the 2030 smart city. Since the official release of the contest book on February 11, the design competition has received more than 500 entries from nearly 100 universities at home and abroad. After the selection of the SAIC design review team and the special cross-border design expert juries, the top 30 were selected.

Finally, considering the positioning of the Roewe and MG brands and the bold imagination and profound interpretation of the future smart car concept, the grand prize was awarded to Lv Minghao from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the second prize was Gao Qisen from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and Liu Ziyang from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Third prize went to Yi Pengjun of Tsinghua University, Wu Jiaru of Shandong University of Art & Design, and He Taile of Jiangsu University.

First prize in the European Division was won by Ken Gan of Coventry University, UK, the second prize was won by Kaiwen Fan of Coventry University, and the third prize was awarded to Ben Thompson of Coventry University.

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