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8th SAIC Design Challenge 2020: Brief Announced

SDC Committee

The SAIC Design Challenge has been running for 7 years and organised by the global SAIC Design Team. The competition aims to help SAIC achieve the aspirations of an International Automotive Brand, through the cultivation of automotive design talent with an International Perspective. It has been a fundamental tool to assist young students achieve their automotive design dream. In recent years it has become an international stage for all the colleges and universities, and their students studying design at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as a platform to develop and showcase their talents.


'We are in a period of cultural confidence, where national identity is being celebrated and discovered. With this in mind we challenge you to create an original vision of future mobility based on the emergent styles and identity to create a new design trend for the future!

Mission Roewe

Future National Trend of Intelligent

With the rapid rise of new Chinese culture and trends, a new era of car design can emerge!

As a cutting-edge Chinese brand, how should ROEWE represents "Chinese high-end"? How should we use "Chinese elements" to express the authentic image of ROEWE? What is the best manifesto for the future car? 

What will be the future powertrain?

What will be the iconic Chinese vehicle type?

Unleash your creativity and design a "China Trendy" styled ROEWE high-intelligence future mobility, to lead the new national trend of future!

Mission MG: Emotional • International

The emotional design aesthetic of MG has been well accepted in markets across the globe. The brand continues to grow rapidly in many countries and continues to move into more international markets. As a growing brand with a rich heritage, how should MG represent the new "emotional international"? What is the core value and DNA of MG through its 95 year history? What type of iconic MG vehicle could become the "International Superstar"?

What technologies and innovations will appear in the future to help define the MG brand as a sporty, fashionable and accessible brand? Please design a global marketed "international" styled MG future mobility to lead the global trend of the future!

Competition Agenda(Provisional):

Early March 2020: Global opening ceremony of competition and the official registration opens.

Early June 2020: Deadline for submissions

Mid June 2020: Announcement of top 100 entry list

End June 2020: Announce the global finalist list

July-August 2020: Start of internship for selected finalists

September 2020: European region award ceremony

September 2020: Selected finalists’ data will be used to build 1:5 scale model

October 2020: Final global award ceremony

Submission Requirements:

Candidates should register their interest by entering via email, providing the required personal information. Applicants will be kept up to date on the competition during the submission phase.

• A minimum of 2x A3 images showing your proposal concept (JPEG format and resolution ratio greater than 300 DPI. Layout format is not limited.)

• Design submissions should include: front and rear 3/4 views, front view and side view.

• It may include design sketches / concept ideation, packaging drawings with ergonomic considerations, detailed component design and written explanation.

• A CV detailing your current Academic Institution.

In addition there is the option to submit:

• Digital Models and/or animations of your proposal. Accepted file formats include, but are not limited to, Alias, Maya, Rhino, IGES, WMV – video (please consider file sizes and transfer when submitting data). All the above files need to be uploaded in RAR format, be named as “name of university-name of candidate-name of design work” and then be submitted to this email address:

All rights are reserved by SAIC Design Challenge Committee 2020

Welcome to join our competition!

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