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2nd Anniversary: 'MG Beyond'

SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON is celebrating 2 years since opening its doors as an Advanced Design centre for SAIC Motor and the SAIC Design network. Since 19th September 2018, we have expanded to become a highly creative international outpost for SAIC, pushing the design exploration and furthering the breadth of ideas for its MG and ROEWE car brands.

Throughout the global pandemic of 2020 SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON has remained at full operation supporting our headquarters studio in Shanghai as well as developing independent design research studies, concept car proposals and pre-production projects for MG and ROEWE brands.

Our team continues to grow, and we’ve appointed some new members to the team during the past few months. As a result, the capability of the studio is going from strength to strength.

To celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, we let 3 of our advanced designers loose on a project brief to envisage and create a futuristic scenario, a positive vision in a challenging time.

The project has been developed over the past few weeks, as we’ve been able to come back to the studio and work more closely after months of working remotely.

As a small, creative team, we’ve enjoyed being back together in one space sharing ideas and dialogue to enhance our thinking and stimulating fresh ideas.


Our connection with technology has always been hindered by our ability to humanize machines. It’s a cold one-way system. A world where a computer can interact back on an emotional level creates infinite opportunities for us to take our connection beyond

A future exists where the world is built around community through Artificial Intelligence. Information and technologies have reached unprecedented levels of speed and complexity and have grown ever more sophisticated in their capabilities. AI is now evolved to enhance our communities, our lives and our experiences bringing our physical and digital worlds closer together than ever before.

The development of BIO-computing and reactive 3D surfaces and materials have combined with AI to transform what was once limited to a black box device, into a living and integrated part of everyday life.

These digital structures are alive like us, able to express complex messages of moods and emotions in a more physical form, using colours, shapes and sounds to communicate beyond what was once only possible with words and graphics.

AI is not merely regarded as a personal assistant, but more an extension of family, home, community and movement. This technology has revolutionised all areas of life with landscapes bathed in kaleidoscopic colours that continually alter the concrete jungles of the past.

This technology has also brightened up the roads to offer a new mobility experience embracing both the emotional side of movement as well as the intelligent side of technology.

The introduction of hyper-speed travel and infrastructure has given rise to long distance movement by automobile. Transit ports are positioned across the cities to give freedom to populations.

The roads are bathed with AI biotech that interact with the car to communicate speed, destination and to simply enhance the journey experience. Gateways exist to accelerate transport to the further reaches of the community and world.

At the further outreaches of the massive urban metropolises await serene and tranquil pockets for people to connect with nature. Although nature itself has also combined with biotechnologies to provide sustainable environments. The human experience remains one that seeks the exploration of beauty.

Cars have evolved into complex forms that reflect the desire of natural beauty and high technology capabilities. Bound by the aspect of speed, aerodynamics are a critical factor for efficiency, comfort and experience. Sleek surfaces and curvaceous volumes surround the passengers to evoke a sensual and joyous experience.

The canopy is largely semi-transparent offering the opportunity to view the surroundings as they pass silently by. The luscious flowing shape blends with the organic forms of the global AI, to integrate and soften the aspect of travel.

The exterior design is a marriage of classic emotive design forms, with elegant fluid lines and surfaces. The cabin is capped at the front and rear by aerodynamic blades that hark to an era of speed and motion. Bound to the liquid AI highways of the future the fully autonomous vehicle runs on rails of straight paths and huge sweeping curves to allow maximum speed.

The interior also embodies a more simplified and serene environment, with the absence of basic touchscreens and glass displays. Instead the halo band running around the cabin moves and morphs to bring life to an otherwise inanimate surface.

The hues and tones combine with forms to enhance the user experience from something of necessity to something of pleasure. The halo band surrounds the passengers throughout their journey offering visual experiences designed to enhance the mobility experience.

The AI is fed through a ‘core’ sitting at the front of the car, the fluid energy travels through the biotech in the road surface and transfers into the car. This highly efficient and ultra-speed transfer of energy and information delivers a fluid and boundless mobility experience.

‘MG Beyond’ was an exercise to celebrate SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON’S creative and technical capabilities. Offering a moment to expose a glimpse of a possible futures beyond the realms of what is known of today.

At SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON we are seeking to deliver not just fresh design languages, but compelling stories and future scenarios in which our customers can dream.

2020 has been a challenging time for everyone, everywhere, no one has been unaffected by the global pandemic. We hope through this creative exercise we can bring some colour to the car design community and network.

Thank you, stay safe and please keep following us for more in future.


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