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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Design Theme


The SAIC DESIGN CHALLENGE, held for nine consecutive years, has become a world-renowned professional automotive design competition, attracting design students from across China, UK and Europe. The fast-paced evolution of humanity, science and technology are driving the pursuit of future mobility innovation and is rapidly expanding and thriving across the world. Today’s designers need to explore the future of transportation and foresee scenarios in the parallel world from the perspective of innovation and diversity. For this year’s design challenge, we are asking students to not only think about the vehicle design but also the future environment and scenario in which it exists.

We are encouraging young creatives minds to push boundaries and narratives in order to deliver truly unique proposals and scenarios for the future. With this, we are pleased to introduce the competition design briefs for each of the SAIC car brands; ROEWE, R and MG.

Mission ROEWE


China has developed dramatically in technology, culture and fashion trends in recent generations. With new technology and culture driven shift, what will be the future development of the traditional Chinese aesthetics? Will cross border innovation with advanced science and technology bring new experiences that are richer and more exhilarating? The synthesis between the aesthetics of modern technology, and the traditional fashion of Chinese can be seen in the younger generations attitude, who readily embrace and adapt this exciting new interpretation.

Imagine a positive future where you create a world that is highly modern and has a clear and fresh connection with the art of Chinese traditions.

How might the environment such as cities, architectures and mobility look in a distant parallel world?

ROEWE has established itself as a core brand catering to the Chinese car market. It’s cars offer affordable technology, quality and practicality. Through cars such as the RX5, ROEWE is known for bringing new technologies to market before any other global car manufacturer.

Mission R


Escaping our own gravity, the next frontier is the exploration of the sea of stars. China's Chang'e Lunar Exploration Project has sparked a new intrigue for space travel and successfully landed on the moon bringing back lunar soil samples for analysis. The ancient dream of "flying to the moon" has finally come true. In the future, mankind will one day be able to realize a journey to the further reaches of space and interstellar navigation.

To help imagine this new frontier travel, we challenge you to imagine the vehicles people will need on a newly colonized space base? What are the characteristics of planetary exploration mobility? What scenarios might we imagine? Please design a planetary exploration concept vehicle based on the R brand of SAIC and describe the scenario of the space base.

SAIC launched R in 2020, as a automotive brand focused on delivering exciting, cutting edge technology vehicles for the China market. It’s goal is to be the lead EV volume brand in future, and aiming to bring futuristic and exciting design through its line up of EV cars.

Mission MG


Our lives have become even more digital than ever before. The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Quantum Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and concepts like the Metaverse are gaining traction with digital natives. The boundary between the physical world and the digital virtual world is melting, the concept of living a simulated life seems not so fantastical. The Cyber world is becoming a spiritual playground for young people. High-tech escapism has something in common with the young and free spirit of the MG brand, which has become a focus for a new generation of young people.

Embracing the cyber world, how can you build the emotional resonance between people and cars, and explore the boundless cyberworld? We ask you to design a ‘Cyber Style’ vehicle for the MG brand, describing the scenario and user story, push the boundaries of reality and lead the new trend of global automobile design aesthetics!

MG is a fast developing global car brand with fast increasing sales in many global markets. It provides a range of cars with a sporting youthful image and is producing exciting cars with ICE and EV technologies.

Competition Benefits

The SAIC DESIGN CHALLENGE has run over the past 8 years, and each time achieved its goal of connecting with the community of young aspiring designers across China, UK and Europe. During that time we have received hundreds of entries and supported over 250 paid summer internships and over 100 quarter scale hard models. Some of our winners, they have gone on to full time employment at the SAIC DESIGN headquarters studio in Shanghai.

We have been honored to have been by the support of Universities and Design Schools across China, UK and Europe and the student’s testimonies express the invaluable experience they have gained from the participating.

Our competition offers:

1. Two month internship at either our Design Studio in Shanghai or our Studio in London. Selected finalists will work in a real studio environment with mentors who will help to develop and realise the proposals. Students are responsible for meeting the project timing and review points, and producing 3D data for visualization and model making at the end of the internship. We offer a two month paid internship; eligible students must have the right to work in China or UK a part of the terms and conditions.

2. Selected finalists will have the chance to have their design produced as a fully finished 25% model, which will be displayed at China closing ceremony later in the year.

3. The competition also provides the final 3 winners from both China and UK/EU regions with a paid overseas trip to either London or Shanghai. This part of the competition is dependent on successful issue of travel visa’s and may be limited by ongoing global travel restrictions, and therefore may not be available at the time of the competition completion.

Competition schedule (provisional)

The global pandemic still causes much disruption to our daily and normal lives. Whilst we plan to offer an immersive experience, we can’t foresee every eventuality. Therefore, the timing and process may be subject to change.

March 2021

Opening ceremony of competition. Candidates register online.

Early June 2021

Deadline for work submission.

Mid June 2021

Announce top 100 entry list.

End June 2021

Announce global final entry internship list.

July -August 2021

Start of internship for candidates.

End of internship, release data for 1:5 scale model of selected works.

September 2021 (provisional)

European section design award ceremony.

October 2021 (provisional)

Final award ceremony.

Submission Method

Candidates need to register online by sending an email to:

Students studying in mainland China:

Students studying in UK & Europe:

Please state your name, nationality and place of study (course subject and year/semester).

Then the following documents need to be submitted by 10pm Sunday June 13th:

2 proposal sheets (minimum):

A3 Size (420*297mm), JPEG format and resolution ratio greater than 300 DPI. Layout form is not limited.

Contents need to include:

Colour renderings of front and rear 45 degree perspective views, front view and side view with package drawing.

It may also include (not a must) annotation, design concept picture, ergonomics and detailed design and written explanation.

You can also provide (not a must) a supporting 3D model or animation to support the submission. Accepted file format includes but not limited to:Alias, Pro_E, UG, Catia, Maya, 3DS Max, Rhino, Blender, etc.

Electronic version of an effective ID card (to confirm name and nationality) and 1 recent photo (JPG format, resolution ratio greater than 300dpi)”

All the above files need to be uploaded in RAR or ZI format and be named as 'name of university-name / candidate-name / project name.

PLEASE NOTE: The total size of each email should not be more than 8mb (megabytes). If your files are larger than 8mb please separate the submission into several emails, or use a suitable online transfer site to deliver the work if the total size is more than 40mb..

China Official E-mail Address:

UK Offical Email Address:

We look forward to you joining the competition and seeing your exciting entries. Thank you and good luck!

Saic Design Challenge Committee

2021 All Rights Reserved

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