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MG Traxi

Yong Chang Lee

Coventry University


This is an autonomous vehicle for those who visit in India, one of the most desired countries to travel and will record the largest population in the near future.

As the population has been growing up, the rate of crime increases at the same time. This will cause the rate of risk to not only for local people but also for travelers.

In order to deal with this problem, as soon as they arrive at India airport, TRAXI helps travelers to make beautiful memories through their safe trips and enjoyable trips.
They can use it after setting the destination that they want to go on their phone in advance.

In addition, there are refrigerators and monitors inside of TRAXI that can store foods and drinks, providing a more enjoyable trip.

By doing so, MG can promote their brands to people all over the world and become familiar to the people at the same time.

The overall exterior began with 3 wheels from a traditional common public transport called Rickshaw and the first generation of cars. Also added the details from India's traditional architectures and modern futuristic architectures.

The interior is designed to allow people to sit facing each other while traveling so that they can interact with each other.

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