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Sharon Ramalingam

Royal College of Art


The MG X Vision is based on the performance brand X Power of MG. The idea is to create a high performance record breaking vehicle that memorates the rich history of MG in racing. In this type of vehicle, it not only about travelling from point A to B but it is all about experience, thrill and passion. So the X Vision is focused on the driver experience along with showcasing the strong identity of MG in a better way.
Taking inspiration from the vintage EX181, the car has a fluidic and bubble shaped body with a strong belt line flowing arround the body, the headlights are simple, inspired from the air intake in the face of EX181 and the rear lamps are in the shape of “X”, memorating the “X” in the X Power. It also uses matte black and green for the body colour which is a strong CMF identity for X power.
As it is all about experience, the door opens up like a ring box and driver will be laying inside the car rather than sitting in a conventional seat. The seat is designed based on how the driver will be laying. The steering wheel is separated as three components which joins together when the door closes giving a different experience.

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