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MG Ichor

Junu Kim

Coventry University


Title of my project is Ichor. In Greek mythology, Ichor symbolize eternity. Ancient greek’s sculptures and architectures impress people through time and space.
I try to describe time flow in my concept with sculptic design language. In rear design, It show classic design language by curved, volume, and elegant surface. On the other hand, Front part has futuristic design language with Edged and technical form. When we see side body , it show strong contrast between past and future. By showing the future and the past in one sculpture at the same time, I wanted to symbolize eternity.
Many automotive designer said that they get inspiration from airplane, yacht, and spaceship. I think those vehicles look like pure speedforms. Therefore, I covered all the wheels and focus to express sensual beauty from pure sculpture. It was designed not just as a means of transportation but as a piece of art itself.
Escapism from reality is one of the most important spirit of MG. In 1950s to 1970s MG’s small sportscars such as MGA, MGB represent the escapism by driving experience. But what if in this autonomous era? Wha t kind of experience can show this escapism in the future? The paradigm of escapism will be inverted from outdoor experience to indoor experience. So I design private cinema cocoon. It designed to help focus on movies. Occupants can escape from their busy life to this cozy cocoon. They can enjoy their private life and cinema experience.
The trend of sharing mobility is rising. In this era on the contrary, those who want to own a car will want something more special. The car like Ichor will satisfy people who want to get their own object by owning vehicle.

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