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MG Halo

Dimitar Stanev

Coventry University


The concept of an open-top sportscar has been extensively explored and experimented with ever since the automobile had been invented. The question here is “What would it look like, if we literally turned this layout upside down?”. With no floor, the seats suspended in the air, and the body of the car being so open, the aim is to provide an emotional and thrilling experience, much like a rollercoaster.
This unconventional layout is in stark contrast with the classic proportions of the exterior. The long bonnet and short rear of a typical 2 door sportscar are almost universally accepted as pretty and timeless. Such proportions could be seen in many MGs from the past, too. A key element are the strings, which serve to visually hold the whole structure together, including the seats, that flow seamlessly into the rear deck. In turn, a voluptuous glass canopy on top gives the car elegance, reminiscent of 1960s designs.
By combining an interesting idea in an internationally appealing package, the MG Halo aims to represent the MG design language, where new solutions and heritage meet to form unique and desirable transport.

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